Games I play

Valheim is a open world survival set in a viking mythology atmosphere. After death you are brought to a realm in order to prove your worth to Odin in order to rise again. You start from nothing and work your way up. Chopping wood, building a base, get food, clothes, armor, weapon, boats and so on in order to defeat all the bosses to prove your strength. I will be playing both solo and with friends. Its a really fun game. Especially when playing with others!

Back to the roots! (One of them at least) I am going to start up some Minecraft play. At least thats the idea!
Been long since I ventured into The Nether and I am looking forward to do this again!
Hopefully I will be doing some streams on this aswell!

Farming Simulator 19 is a agriculture game from the german studio Giants Software that sits on the throne for most played game when it comes to agriculture simulators, but my main thing with this game is not the normal farming. I am all in for the forestry part and basicly do no agriculture whatsoever.